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People on red mass group are asking for the original letter.  Here you go.  It was forwarded to me from someone who got it with hundreds and hundreds of other emails above the letter text.  If you go to the candidate’s web page, it identifys it as “Veterans Day Fundraiser” which is what we take exception to.  If its a…

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Campaign Fundraising in Tough Economic Times

If money is the mother’s milk of politics, this may be a season of crash diets or even malnutrition for some candidates. Massachusetts political operatives and elected officials say the cratering economy is hitting them, too, because campaign contributors are more tight-fisted. “People are saying, in large numbers: ‘Timeout. Call on me next quarter or in the fall,’ ” said…

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Kudos To BMG

Congratulations to Blue Mass Group (BMG) for being second nationwide only to the DailyKos in the amount of money the blog raised for Democrat Presidential candidate Barack Obama: “Between David and Charley’s magnificent National Anthem concert which pulled in about $52,000, and the $4,299 we raised during our debate watching online gabfests/fundraisers, (BMG) gathered about $56,000 for Obama. Put that…

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