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Bush Bailout Rescues Chinese Banks

People are still questioning this?

It is written into the bailout bill in plain English; yet people are in voluntary denial and debate among themselves all the imaginary egalatarian reasons to support this theft.

If this does not make you furious than you are just plain dense and unworthy of any consideration.

They took your jobs, they took your home…

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The Smoking Gun: Fed Faking Liquidity “crisis”

Just in time to be too late to influence the hurried congressional vote, it appears hard evidence is now emerging that the entire liquidity “crisis” is being manufactured. Add this to the list of 100 economists that advise that doing NOTHING is the only sane course: So how about that trillion dollar “defense” budget that passed yesterday with so little…

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HEY Bernanke …. INJECT ME!

Has the old world order officialy been replaced?

Can we now at least stop pretending to be free market capitalists and finaly proclaim once and for all that we are now OFFICIALY a fascist state run by tyrants and maintained through propogandists?

I mean, dont recent events match the exact definition of fascism?

I just looked at my checking account…

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