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BHI Weekly Dispatch: Anti-competitive continuing ed mandates hurt real estate buyers

Real estate licensing rules do little to improve quality while restricting market competition to benefit full-time realtors The introduction of a continuing education requirement for a real estate agent in Massachusetts more than a decade ago did not improve the quality of service but rather limited the number of realtors according to a recent study by the Beacon Hill Institute…

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Required reading: Jeffrey Miron: “Libertarian ideas to stimulate economy”

Harvard Professor Jeffrey Miron makes several excellent points. It may be too late in the face of the stimulus bill tsumani but any rescue package should really incorporate Professor Miron's suggestions. Miron's plan is an intelligent response to those who are yelling fire in a crowded theater, that we “must do something.” When libertarians question the merit of President Obama's…

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Intrade on the Cusp [UPDATED-2]

Ok you free marketeers, here’s how the market is sizing up the candidates 2 days out from the election:  McCain 11.1 ; Obama 89.3.  The trend has been steadily up for Obama and down for McCain since mid-September. UPDATE:  Monday mid-day EST, Obama has soared to a record-setting 91.1.  McCain, in contrast, fell a point to 10.0.

UPDATE 2: Tuesday…

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NY Times Op-Ed: The nation is moving left

You may not agree with Mark Mellman’s piece in the New York Times today but the center-right shouldn’t ignore his message. For more than 25 years, three core questions have animated our political discourse:

• What should be the role of government?

• Should moral absolutism or moral relativism guide our actions?

• Should our foreign policy primarily pursue unilateral…

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