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Massachusetts Drivers to pay $148/year miles tax for Medford and Somerville to get a trolley?

(An oldie but goodie about the Green Line Extwnsion.  Remind me agian why this is a necessary expenditure? – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) According to the State House News Service, the Deval Patrick administration has refused to release their February New Starts document provided to the Department of Transportation.  The News Service has obtained a copy of the…

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Sean Harrington and Mark Crowley for RNC Delegates

With the primaries wrapping up, the next step in the Presidential election process is election of delegates to the national conventions for each major party. This Saturday is the caucus to elect the Republican delegates from the Massachusetts fifth Congressional district. The event is in Framingham (Nevins Memorial Hall), with doors opening at 9am. A free bus will be available…

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Unbelievable in Somerville: “Sciortino wins on stickers”

Only in Massachusetts. Sciortino wins. Let’s face it the Democrats have the public purse, the human services industrial complex and the unions. The gay lobby is now in full flower, mature some might call it. Old style Democrats are gone, Somerville turned into mini-Cambridge a long time. Sciortino’s effort no doubt with much support outside of the district is a…

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