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Please help me understand

(Is the Scott Brown Coalition already dead? Interesting questions and concerns over the unhappy activist base and their relationship with the Baker/Tisei ticket. Where will they go? Do social cons really have anywhere to go this gubernatorial election? What about libertarians? Should they just throw their token support behind the gubernatorial nominee or focus on legislative races? Oh, and what…

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DC Cop Brings Gun To Snowball Fight

So several people are out having fun in a massive blizzard throwing snowballs at each other. They’re at a deserted intersection and one of their snowballs hits a Hummer. If you were driving the Hummer how would you react? A. Ignore it because it’s a snowball

B. Roll down the window and yell something at those damn kids. Damn kids…

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CPAC Notes

Since returning from DC I’ve been going through my notes and memory cards. I will be uploading some things in the next few days.

The most anticipated speakers on the second day of CPAC were Texas Congressman Ron Paul and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. The ballrooms were filled to maximum capacity for both events and spilled into several overflow…

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GO! ** GOPAC ** GO!

What an event, The 30th Anniversary of GOPAC was last week and GOPAC held its first State and Local Summit in Washington, DC. I was lucky to be invited to a Summit with over 150 participants from all over the country.  We received some great information from people like Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Gov Tim Pawlenty (R) MN, George Allen,…

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Statehouse News: GOP tries to save $453,000 by eliminating Governor’s DC Office

From Statehouse News Despite GOP claims of extravagance and waste, a $450,000-a-year two-person Washington D.C. state office run by the Patrick administration has offered key support on Medicaid waiver negotiations, children’s health insurance advocacy, and federal energy assistance, administration officials argued this week. As the Senate prepares to debate its fiscal 2009 spending plan Wednesday, Republican Senate leaders are moving…

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Thanks A Lott & Good Riddance

US Senator Trent Lott announced yesterday (11-26-07) that he’ll be leaving the Senate at the end of the year. According to Wall Street Journal writer David Rogers (11-27-07), “New Senate ethics rules, which take effect at the end of the year and impose a longer ‘cooling off’ period before he could lobby his colleagues, may have contributed to his timing.…

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FULL DISCLOSURE: This is being simulcast on RedMass, BlueMass and chimpschumpspolitics, and in a modest number of North Left Coast Newspapers. “May the Force be with you.” This line, from the Star Wars series of films, has long resulted in various plays on words, and tongue-in-cheek advice to various officials. Herewith, I trot it out and aim it at Dubya.…

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