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Music to our ears: Baker freezes $1B MCCA expansion with board shakeup, reports BBJ

Change is in the air. Baker’s leadership on this issue is absolutely refreshing. Gov. Charlie Baker has indefinitely frozen state plans to finance a $1 billion expansion of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, opting instead to allow the newly reconstituted Massachusetts Convention Center Authority board to decide whether the 1.3 million-square-foot construction project should move forward. The announcement was…

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BHI’s new study on the Proposed Tax Increases for Infrastructure and Education in the Commonwealth

(BOSTON – May 21, 2013) The current version of the state legislature’s proposed budget will diminish economic activity less than the Governor’s original House 1 proposal. This is the finding of a new study from the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University. Applying its State Tax Analysis Modeling Program (STAMP), the Institute compared both budget proposals and found that the…

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Patrick thinks $38K/yr makes you rich!

Deval Patrick thinks that people making $38,000/yr are rich.  That’s who he wants to increase state taxes on.  Even Obama would not call anyone making less that $200,000/yr rich.   Patrick is so consumed with creating his legacy…more rail, more education money for Lawrence and Holyoke…that he doesn’t even care about pretending to be soaking the rich. Republicans- this is…

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