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Obama Press Conference 02/09/09

Thank you very much, everybody. Thank you very much. This morning, we woke up to more sobering news about the state of our economy. The 240,000 jobs lost in October marks the 10th consecutive month that our economy has shed jobs. In total, we’ve lost nearly 1.2 million jobs this year, and more than 10 million Americans are now…

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RNC Chairman Michael Steele Delivers Weekly Republican Address

“This is Michael Steele, Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Democrats have controlled both branches of government for less than a month. And you have to wonder if all that power has gone to their heads. “For the last two weeks, they’ve been trying to force a massive spending bill through Congress under the guise of economic relief. “All…

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Palin Speech Open thread

This is an Open Thread to discuss Sarah Palin’s Speech.  I’ll post her remarks when I receive them. Here are the remarks.  If you don’t want to see them don’t jump. Mr. Chairman, delegates, and fellow citizens: I am honored to be considered for the nomination for Vice President of the United States… I accept the call to help our…

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