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Obama leadership vs Tom Brady leadership – compare for yourself!

This may be the most vile and disturbing news to come out of Washington in generations.  President Barack Obama, the architect of the Sequestration, included in his sequestration an exclusion for the president, which naturally is him.  The story is on CNSNews and carried by Drudge: A report published last month by the Congressional Research Service–“Budget Sequestration and Selected…

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RMG Goes To Honduras

(Updated 10/10/2009 – We’re not dead…yet. Estados Unidos!   – promoted by Garrett) In a few hours I will be on my way to lovely and slightly unstable Honduras. The purpose of my journey is to cheer on the USA as we take on Honduras in the second-to-final round of World Cup qualifying. I have decided to bring RMG along…

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Vegan-Theologian Says Soccer is Destroying Western World

While the economy of the world spins counter-clockwise down the toilet and Levi Johnston frets about which bodily appendage he’ll tattoo for his next unwanted pregnancy, vegetarian-theologian-whatever Stephen H. Webb is focusing on how the game of soccer is destroying America.  Apparently he needed to take a break from writing about acoustics and how if you follow the diet in…

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