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The Globe *Hearts* Elizabeth Warren

It's love.  Not a crush, not a flirtation – L-O-V-E love.  The Boston Globe is head over heels for Elizabeth Warren.  That in itself is no real surprise.  A Harvard professor?  A veteran of the Obama Administration?  A self-styled anti Wall Street crusader?  And she wants to run statewide, against the guy who shook the Globe's collective worldview to its…

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Brian McGrory: “Charlie Baker’s a liar…”

You’re the most negative presence in a stunningly nasty gubernatorial campaign. You’ve tried to take a bottle of Wite-Out to your résumé and your life. You’re emerging not as a serious candidate with serious ideas, but as another politician who will say anything for a vote. Unless you’re careful, the result is going to be a landslide for an incumbent…

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McGrory wasn’t that Far off. The Coronation is Over, the Reign has begun

It looks like Brian McGrory wasn’t too far off in his December 8, 2006 column, “The Coronation of Deval”.  Remember, this is when now Governor Patrick was planning his multi-day ignauguralpaloza. Fitting in the article is this gem. Deval L . Patrick has planned a five-day extravaganza for early January costing anywhere from $1 million to $1.6 million, a…

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