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Hack of the Day: Patti McCafferty

There was good news and bad news from my alma mater today.  The good news? The River Hawks Chiefs beat Vermont to advance to the Hockey East semifinals.  The bad news.  Marty Meehan’s at it again.   When Marty took over the University of Massachusetts Lowell he kept on staff of his former congressional aides, Patti McCafferty.  Marty gave Ms.…

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UML Lays Off Louis DiNatale, Finally

UMass Lowell on Friday had a large layoff.  Of those laid off was ethically challenged yet politically connected pollster Louis DiNatale.  The Lowell Sun is reporting about the layoff. DiNatale, earning $162,318 a year, held on to his job for longer than many expected, in part because of his close relationships with state powerbrokers. In addition to a friendship with…

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