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A lazy, simplistic editorial

The lead editorial in the Boston Sunday Globe (Nov. 4) condemning the “intellectually lazy analogy of Islamism to fascism” was difficult to take seriously after reading this whopper of a paragraph – “Al Qaeda and company cannot be compared with the fascist powers ruled by Hitler, Mussolini and Franco – neither for their ideas nor for their military power. The…

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Chairman Torkildsen Responds to Deval Patrick

I just got this press release from the State Party.  I thought you’d all be interested in our Party’s response to Governor Patrick’s comparison of the 9/11 terrorists to Nelson from the Simpsons. MassGOP Chairman and former Congressman Peter Torkildsen today reacted to Governor Patrick’s outrageous statement that 9/11 terrorist attacks resulted “from a failure of human understanding.” Torkildsen, who…

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Poverty Breeds Terrorism? I’m calling BS!

( – promoted by Peter Porcupine) One of the most thrown about lines by the left is that terrorism has at its root poverty.  That the economic differences between industrialized and developing nations is what fuels the terrorists hatred of the West in general and the United States in general.  I’m calling Bull S***.  We are not fighting an economic…

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