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Mumbai Terrorist Apologizes—-Didn’t Get Memo

December 3, 2008

MSNBC anchor amazed that Obama’s election hasn’t ended jihad

Because of course the global jihad began as a reaction to the policies of George W. Bush, didn’t it? Here is Alex Witt on MSNBC on November 27, via Rich Noyes at Newsbusters, December 1 (thanks to James): ALEX WITT: You know, John, and it’s interesting because there…

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Terror In Mumbai

(Lest we forget, because President Bush has kept us safe for 7 years, that Radical Islam is still a threat to the West. – promoted by Cool Cal) Calling the terrorist attack on Mumbai (India) the “most significant” since the 9/11 attacks on American soil, Weekly Standard blogger Bill Roggio’s makes this observation: “The terrorists launched a sophisticated, multi-pronged attack…

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Remembering Beirut, October 23, 1983

  25 Years Later: We Came in Peace By Colonel Timothy J. Geraghty, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)  On Sunday morning, 23 October 1983, I awoke as usual at dawn, dressed, and went below to the 24th Marine Amphibious Unit’s Combat Operations Center to check the overnight communications traffic. I roamed outside my headquarters at Beirut International Airport to view the…

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Which Candidates Will Protect America?

It’s high time to end the political posturing over the revisions to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.  The Protect America Act, which addressed modernizing FISA, will expire Saturday, leaving our intelligence agencies with their hands tied while trying to keep America safe.  The Washington Times on January 18 took Senate Democrats to task over delaying this legislation for trial lawyer paydays and impeding…

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