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List of E-Verify Companies in Mass

An immigration bar journal has published a list of all companies that are using E-Verify to check the immigration status of newly hired workers.  They have published it as an Excel spreadsheet that is searchable by state, town, and other variables.  It’s easy to look up which companies are enrolled in this effective program that reduces illegal hiring.   Here’s…

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BHI releases 11th annual state competitiveness index: MA back on top

BOSTON – (March 1, 2012) Massachusetts regained the top spot on the 11th Annual Beacon Hill Institute’s State Competitiveness Report. Last year the Bay State ranked third behind Colorado and North Dakota, which finished first last year. Longstanding strengths in human resources, technology and openness buoyed Massachusetts. The BHI competitiveness index is based on a set of 44 indicators divided…

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SJC: Health Program for Legal Immigrants Violates Equal Protection

By Kyle Cheney

STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, JAN. 5, 2012…..A move by the state Legislature to strip tens of thousands of legal immigrants from a taxpayer-subsidized state-run insurance program in 2009 violated their constitutional rights, the Supreme Judicial Court ruled Thursday. “The discrimination against legal immigrants … violates their rights to equal protection under the Massachusetts Constitution,”…

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The INS Isn’t Broken–It’s Been Sabatoged

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) To paraphrase Lily Tomlin, when it comes time to the Obama Administration, I don’t worry that I’m getting cynical.  I worry that I am not getting cynical enough. The Inspector General of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services just issued a report that found that the Obama Administration higher ups have been…

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Another ICE Fiasco in Milford

ICE’s “smart and effective” immigration enforcement policies again have proven to be neither.  The Milford Daily News reported this week that our local ICE Field Office lost track of a key witness in the Matt Denice death-by-illegal-alien-drunk-driving case.  This happened because ICE officials decided to release the witness, Luis Acosta, an Ecuadoran illegal alien who had fled twice before and…

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A Nation of Laws

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) By Jeff Semon – Candidate for U.S. Congress MA7 – Please visit www.jeffin2012.com for more information “America is a nation of laws, not men.” We often hear this phrase from politicians and pundits alike when they discuss the issue of illegal immigration. In 1993, Rudy Giuliani was elected Mayor of New York…

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