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French Taking Same-Sex Marriage Seriously

Huge protests against gay marriage in France, where religious arguments are kept out of government and politics, so secular arguments are allowed to flourish and develop. There, the focus is all about a child’s right to have natural origins of a married mother and father. There, they understand that the real issue is not homosexual sex or hospital benefits, but…

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Interesting website prayforfrance.org

This is a good website france is one of the most secular nations world. This has caused I believe

France to veer far to the left. There is an

online movement to have march as a month of

prayer for a christian revival in france. More

than 30 percent of the french are non believers

a majority has never even…

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A Spoiled Nation?

 Crossposted at The Rockefeller Republican A nation-wide strike in France severely disrupted air, rail and commuter service last week. Hospitals reduced staff, and teachers, civil servants, journalists and transportation workers decided not to show up to work to protest the global economic crisis. The French called it “Black Thursday” with workers venting their concern as the country teeters on the…

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C’est Incroyable!

I heard that Sarkozy was a new breed of French leader, but this really gives me hope for the future not just of US-France ties but, well, basically for the future or the civilized world.  Perhaps we won’t all fold into a socialist, moral relativist, defeatist cowardly pile after all. http://www.realclear… Viva La France!…

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