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RIP Nelson Mandela

South African Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela died peacefully yesterday at his home. He was 95 years old. The anti-Aparthied revolutionary icon who spent 27 years in prison as punishment for his attacks against South Africa’s racist regime also led his country to democracy & became the nation’s first black president.

Image Credit: Creative Commons License, Lasanta.com.ec It wasn’t…

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Howard Phillips RIP

( – promoted by Paul R. Ferro) Howard Phillips founded the Conservative Caucus in the the 70s. Before that he grew up in Brighton Mass, was Student Council President at Harvard and was the youngest chairman of the Boston Republican City Committee. He was also my uncle.

And I have to say that he was a sort of intellectual mentor…

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RIP David Whelan

Charlie Baker just informed me of some terrible news.  One of the first members of our community, David Whelan, of Swampscott passed away this morning after a long battle with cancer.  Words cannot express the loss his wife and children are feeling.   More information as it becomes available..…

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Keep Brad Wyatt’s Family In Your Prayers

If you are a Republican, or libertarian, activist in Massachusetts especially Worcester County, you’ve met Brad Wyatt.  I am lucky to count Brad as one of my friends.  He has been a tireless activist and supporter, giving activistsa clubhouse in worcester to hold meetings and gatherings, and selflessly giving his time, never asking for anything in return. If he’s touchedor…

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