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Christie to Endorse Romney Ahead of Debate

Good News I think from the  NY Times http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/10/11/christie-to-endorse-romney-tuesday-in-new-hampshire/?emc=na   LEBANON, N.H. – A week after turning down the chance to seek the Republican presidential nomination, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is poised to endorse the candidacy of Mitt Romney on Tuesday afternoon here, just hours before the party’s candidates gather for another debate. The endorsement by Mr. Christie,…

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In the category of “Most Improved Debator” …

Since we critically commented on the Mary Connoughton-Suzanne Bump on NECN, I hope everyone saw the debate on Keller-at-Large this morning.  Mary was terrific, she answered every question, even going out of her way to say “thank you for that question” at one point! And she LOOKS like a real auditor, makes a very strong case for herself.

Also interesting…

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Best debate ever

This is sort of a test, I got a new computer and have had trouble finding my way back to RMG. Thanks Rob for responding to my email.

Thought this was an excellent debate, gave viewers a chance to see the candidates as I’ve been seeing them over time. Charlie was strong,  what I’ve been expecting since I first hoped…

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Rachel Brown vs. Barney Frank in the Primary

Barney Frank has a qualified opponent for the Sept. 14th primary who needs your support.

Rachel is a LaRouche Democrat with a genuine FDR platform, which includes:

1. OUST OBAMA (Nixon-style)

2. Restore Glass-Steagall to stop the bailout of funny money

3. Build the biggest infrastructure project in US history with NAWAPA, the North American Water and Power Alliance.  More…

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