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Race for Senate President Murray’s Seat Gets National Attention

John McKenna

RMG News It’s not every day a Massachusetts election race is talked about nationally. It’s even rarer that a purely local race makes national headlines. However, over the last two years, starting with Senator Brown’s surprise victory in the 2010 special election for the US Senate, Massachusetts has become a place of national intrigue, and it is continuing…

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Coulter fawns over Willard

In her latest column Coulter asks, “Where were the purists” last Republican Presidential Primary? Well, this purist was first with Hunter, then Thompson, after which Huckabee, and finally McCain; only after Palin made the ticket. Coulter fawns over Romney because he’s “clean” and “articulate”. But, she feigns losing her mind with each and every other of Mitt’s unprincipled, political imperfections.…

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