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Worcester Telegram and Gazette endorses Steven Levy.

(Wonders will never cease.  This is wholly unexpected.  But well deserved. – promoted by EaBo Clipper) http://www.telegram.com/articl… In the Middlesex & Worcester District, Republican Steven L. Levy, a Marlboro city councilor and professional accountant who has helped guide the city to fiscal stability in recent years, offers valuable skills in fiscally troubled times. His commitment to protecting local aid, keeping…

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Canvass for Steve Levy this Saturday in Acton

(Be sure to join us in Acton! – promoted by Cool Cal) Red Mass Group,

Every time I’ve asked for your help, you’ve stepped up and answered the call to help our campaign. Well I’ve come to ask for your help again. THIS SATURDAY, I’ll be going door-to-door in Acton meeting the voters of the Middlesex and Worcester District. My…

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Eldridge One of 15 Reps to Oppose Sales Tax Holiday

(Eldridge is the same Rep. who proposed to raise the state sales tax by 20% in his first term in office. Raising the most Regressive of taxes by 20%. How “Progressive” of him… – promoted by Cool Cal) Steve Levy’s campaign reports in an email blast that Democrat Jamie Eldridge, who is seeking Pam Resor’s Senate seat, was one of…

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