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What Scott Brown needs to say about Romney’s 47% remark

(Mr. Dawg tries to be helpful. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) When the moderators at tonight’s debate ask (and they will ask) for Brown to defend the secretly-recorded remarks by Mitt Romney, that Obama’s base is 47% of the electorate that pays no taxes and is dependent on the state, this is how he should respond: “I believe…

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Why do GOP Debates have to be hosted by Democrat Political Operatives like George Mess-o-popolis?

I was stunned when I broke away from the football game Saturday night to see ABC News moderator George Stephanopoulos going back and forth in a heated exchange with Mitt Romney, as though Stephanopoulos was one of the candidates on the platform himself.   His role was supposed to ensure all candidates were treated fairly and that the debate didn’t…

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Invitations to partisan partying

By Billy Baker

Globe Correspondent / October 2, 2008 Chad Ellis hosted a presidential debate party last Friday, but he didn’t invite any of his friends. Instead he filled his home with strangers who found his party listed on Barack Obama’s website. “A lot of my friends aren’t as into politics as my wife and I, and we were very…

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