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Russian Commies Bash New Bond Girl

(For Russian Communists, letting go of the past is such a hard thing for them to do.) Kurylenko Under Fire By Communists

31 October 2008 12:08 AM, PDT Ukranian actress Olga Kurylenko has been slammed by Russia’s Communist Party for “betraying” her cultural roots by starring in the new James Bond movie “Quantum Of Solace”. The star plays Daniel Craig’s…

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Support Georgia

While in high school, I worked for over a year to save up enought to travel to Russia. The people are not the government. But Georgia (no not the Southern State) has show the desire and love for freedom that has only been seen by colonial Americans. We, as a nation, should support Georgia and oppose the aggressions against them.…

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The Scariest Thing I Can Think Of

(“When I look into (Putins) eyes, I see K-G-B”- John McCain – promoted by Cool Cal) Thanks to Uncle Jimbo over at Blackfive for this insightful analysis   Do I even have to write this piece after putting those two pictures side by side. W looked into Putin's eyes and saw his own weakness, Obama would look in those eyes…

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