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The Enabler of corruption – Coakley continues to let corrupt Wilkerson off the hook

Corruption breeds more corruption, especially when the law looks the other way. And as attorney general, Martha Coakley sure does look the other way. As we previously covered in 2008 Attorney General Martha Coakley gave Dianne Wilkerson, who once had to wear an ankle bracelet on the senate floor, immunity from prosecution for multiple campaign finance violations. Today we learned…

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BOSTON.COM is reporting that Dianne Wilkerson has resigned… Jeremy Jacobs is reporting, too… Senate President Therese Murray convened the Senate just afternoon noon on Tuesday and a letter from Wilkerson to Murray was read. “Madam President, please accept this communication as formal notice of my intention to resign my position as the state senator of the 2nd Suffolk District…This resignation…

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