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I Want My Boston and Cambridge Parking Stickers!

With the vote by so many Dems today against an amendment requiring that one proove that they are a Mass resident to receive MA benefits I am thinking about applying for parking stickers in a wide array of cities and towns.  Will save on parking costs and who cares if I don’t live there! Who’s in for applying without residency…

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Senators are supposed to live in Washington

Scott Brown and Ed Markey seem to be mixed up about what house they serve in. Representatives are expected to stay closely in touch with their local constituents and serve their concerns first, while Senators are expected to put their state’s interests aside and serve the national interests. Senators aren’t supposed to be on the plane every weekend. Markey has…

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Question on residency requirements for a Divorce

Now with the repeal of the 1913 law which allows same-sex couples, who reside outside the Commonwealth to get married in Massachusetts, will they have to abide by the residency requirements for a divorce in Massachusetts if the state the divorcing couple resides in does not acknowledge their Massachusetts marriage certificate? Are we going to lift the requirement? How should…

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