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Scott Brown Voted for the DiMasi Cognos Contract – How Does RMG Respond?

According to the Blue blog from which Red Mass Group “borrowed” its name, apparently Scott Brown voted in favor of Sal DiMasi getting his infamous Cognos contract! Apparently, the bill containing the DiMasi Cognos contract was passed unanimously in the Senate, including Scott Brown’s support. Further, Scotto did nothing to try to amend the Cognos contract out of the bill,…

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Another Shoe Drops on DiMasi

( – promoted by Cool Cal) So now we discover that Sal DiMasi’s personal accountant and private lender wasn’t just working for the ticket scalpers — he was working for Cognos, the subject of the other scandal nibbling at Sal’s freedom. Also in on the deal was Sal’s long-time law associate, Steve Topazio. Software company Cognos ULC hired House Speaker…

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