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Pope Benedict XVI Silent on Ted Kennedy’s Passing

I’ve never made either my Catholicity nor profound respect for His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and his predecessor, Pope John Paul the Great, a secret here on RMG. I’ve been chided by a very close, conservative, friend who wished that perhaps I hadn’t written a kind word about former US Senator Ted Kennedy.  Well, I can understand that.  After all,…

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GOP Senate Nominee Open Thread w/ Poll.

( – promoted by Garrett) XXXXXX changed the name of the group “”Draft Senator Scott Brown to Run for Governor of Massachusetts”. ” to “”Draft Scott Brown for U.S. Senator””. http://www.facebook.com/group….

Thank you facebook.  Well, we already knew Scott Brown wasn’t running for Governor based on his endorsement of Charlie Baker.  So, Scott Brown for Senator now?  Here are some…

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Don’t let them get away with it…!!!

( – promoted by EaBo Clipper) US Senator Edward M. Kennedy has met his maker and may God rest his soul.  I hope that we can all agree that we should pray for the repose of his soul & condolence of his family and friends. I hope that we, as conservatives & Republicans, can agree that we cannot let liberal…

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Christy Mihos for US Senate

With the passing of Ted Kennedy, is there anyone better positioned to run for that seat as a Republican than Christy Mihos?  To win a special election, the candidate needs to be a) credible (Christy is), b) have the ability to pump personal money in quickly (Christy does), c)have name ID (Christy has run statewide and Christy is slightly ahead…

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