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AIM’s 2007-2008 Legislative Scorecard Underscores Need for Improvement

(Thanks Brad – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM), the state’s largest business advocacy organization with more than 7,000 Bay State businesses and institutions who collectively employ more than 675,000 employees, released the third edition of its biennial Legislative Scorecard.  The Scorecard is designed to evaluate the pro-business voting record of each of the members of the…

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Massachusetts Is No Picnic

( – promoted by Cool Cal) While Governor Deval Patrick hosted a picnic at his Berkshire mansion, should our lawmakers really be taking time off to have a good time when our state is in need of real leadership and a clear change in fiscal and economic direction? The poll of 281 U.S. corporate executives put Arizona at No. 8…

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Deval’s economic bet on biotech

Governor Deval Patrick’s proposed $1 billion biotech package embodies an economic bet. It assumes that state government can successfully pull the levers of industrial policy; that state government, better than private investors, can pick winners. Will it work? What will happen if it doesn’t work? What happens if California becomes the ultimate destination? These are among the hard questions few…

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Howto Format Posts

The following HTML tags are allowed in posts:

    < b >< /b > < i >< /i > < del >< /del > < ul >< /ul >,< ol >< /ol >,< li > < a href="" >< /a > < del >< /del >

Example: This is not a test of formatting.
Formated: This is not a test of formatting.…

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