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Freddie Mac Woes and Newt

The SEC announced today that it had filed securities fraud charges against former Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac executives for misleading statements made during the run-up to the housing securities market collapse. http://sec.gov/news/press/2011… Richard Syron who had held several senior posts in Boston area enterprises was Freddie Mac’s CEO during this time period and was amongst those against whom charges…

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In the News 02/07/09

(Edited to reflect BNCordeiro had one of these stories up first.  That story is below.  The remaining Deval Patrick story here is different. – promoted by DD4RP) Massachusetts Government: Throws Costly Party for Criminals!
Inmates at one Massachusetts prison are set to watch the Super Bowl in style this Sunday – thanks to 117 new flat-screen TVs. The cost of…

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AP has just released an investigative story re Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The good news is that the Bush Administration and prominent Republican Senators put on a full court press to rein in these two corrupt federally backed lenders. The bad news is that former Republican solons successfully lobbied to deep six the rescue legislation. There is much blood…

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