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Globe: Deval & Widmer beruit partners at budget cutting parties; Cahill rules at flip cup

Matt Viser says Deval Patrick has nooooo friends because the kewl kids don’t like him so he asked super senior Mike Widmer to be his beruit partner at the Beeka Hilla Domma budget cutting party. Fraternity treasurer Tim Cahill challenged Sorority president Theresa Murray to a game of flip cup for the title of All-Ireland Flip Cup Champion. Cahill won…

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Angry at Beacon Hill? Vote Republican

By Joan Vennochi

Globe Columnist / October 12, 2008 MASSACHUSETTS voters could send a message to liberal Democrats on Beacon Hill by voting to rescind the state income tax. Or they could just stop sending liberal Democrats to Beacon Hill. “If you really want to send a message . . . send more Republicans,” said state Representative George Peterson, a…

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CLT Press Release Calls Out Mike Widmer & Unions; Steel Cage Death Match Possible…DEVELOPING

MTF “Analysis” – Pure Political Propaganda

October 8, 2008    For Immediate Release    Once again the misnamed Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation has issued another timely anti-taxpayer “analysis” promoting a vote against a tax cut for regular, average taxpayers; this latest report titled “The Enormous Consequences of Question 1.”    But what do you call a report that begins with a…

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