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Boston City Election: What’s a conservative or libertarian to do?

This morning’s Herald has a great breakdown of yesterday’s Suffolk University poll. The rich detail from the marginals show that at-large City Councilor John Connolly is ahead by 7 points over state Representative Marty Walsh. Again, what’s a conservative or libertarian to do in this race? A detailed analysis would suggest that Connolly would reap the few Republican votes…

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Bleg: City of Boston Election! What’s a conservative, libertarian, Republican supposed to do?

Next Tuesday, Boston voters go to the polls to whittle down the field for mayor and city council. Boston holds “nonpartisan” elections so activist Republicans are sidelined so to speak. Given the liberal field (yes you have to pick your poison) what does a Republican do next week? Moreover if it were perceived that one candidate had a near lock…

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In Defense of Mayor Menino

This past Thursday, Boston Mayor-For-Life Thomas Menino walked back his threat to prevent Chick-fil-A from obtaining a license to do business at a location alongside the Freedom Trail near Faneuil Hall (or anywhere else in Boston, for that matter). Menino had previously, in response to Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy’s vocal opposition to gay marriage, written a letter to Cathy expressing…

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Menino to Chick Fil-A: You Don’t Belong in Boston

John McKenna

RMG News Boston Mayor Thomas Menino became the latest, and so far highest profile, politician to call out Chick Fil-A’s president Dan Cathy over comments he made regarding same-sex marriage, who said allowing same-sex marriage is “inviting God’s  judgment on our nation”. Menino responded to this by telling Chick Fil-A in a letter that they will not be…

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