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Attention Global Warming Deniers

Am I the last one standing or are there any others left?

If so, then what do you all think of the latest slimy ad campaign by that comedy tag team Algore/John Kerry. I mean, in order to fend off that fearsome primary chalenge by Ed Reily, The illustrious Senator Kerry has been forced to air the same stupid global…

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Vote For Chang-Diaz

With no Republican challengers in sight, it looks like whoever wins the Democrat primary in the Second Suffolk District Senate race will cruise to victory in November. A recent poll indicates that current State Senator Dianne Wilkerson might be facing a genuine threat in the form of Sonia Chang-Diaz’s return as Wilkerson’s challenger. Is it possible for district liberals to…

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I knew it wasn’t me….

What Does the Senatorial Race in Massachusetts Say About the GOP? Human Events.com

by Katie O’Malley Posted: 05/21/2008 Print This Is the Senatorial race in Massachusetts a microcosm of the bigger struggle within the Republican Party? John Kerry faces a strong conservative challenger in Republican Jeff Beatty. This should be cause for great excitement. It should be a source of…

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