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Thank you George Peterson for 20 Exceptional Years

State Representative George Peterson(R-Grafton) announced last night that he is leaving the Great and General Court at the end of his current term.  He is not seeking reelection. The Worcester Telegram has the story. Mr. Peterson said making the decision was extremely difficult because Beacon Hill has been his “second home” for two decades. “While my heart has always been…

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How to Defeat Democrats

There has been a lot of discussion recently about how to best defeat the Democrats.  To find out, let’s take a look at the Republicans who have successfully done exactly that.  Since the 1990 wave, four Massachusetts Republicans have successfully defeated incumbent Democrats for State Representative:  George Peterson (1994),  Vinny DeMacedo (1998), Lew Evangelidis (2002), and Jeff Perry (2002).  …

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Dem Chair John Walsh Stretches Truth on Sen. Succession, Mass GOP Offered Interim Appt. in 2005/06

John Walsh, aka John from Abington, is trying to spin the bold faced politics being practiced by his party over on Blue Mass Group.  His word contortions are nothing if not humorous, consider this gem: First and foremost, remember this: NO DEMOCRAT voted in 2004 against the proposal that Senator Kennedy put forward in the days before his death:…

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