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Gomez and the Hispanic Vote

Lawrence (73.8% Hispanic, according to the 2010 census) gave Gomez 27%.

Lowell (17.27% Hispanic, according to the 2010 census) gave Gomez 42%. Lawrence gave Scott Brown 34% in 2010.

Lowell gave Scott Brown 52% in 2010. In Lawrence, Scott Brown’s percentage was 26% higher than Gomez’.

In Lowell, Scott Brown’s percentage was 24% higher than Gomez’. Conclusion:  Gomez didn’t help…

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Massachusetts Unemployment Continues to Rise.

http://www.berkshireeagle.com/…   While the nation (and world) is experiencing a recession, Massachusetts under one party Democratic rule continues to do the worst job at handling it.  

    Massachusetts January unemployment reached 7.4%. This is an increase of a full percent over December's rate of 6.4%. This is the highest level since June 1993.
Many people in Massachusetts are struggling.  Many…

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“Create or Save” by the numbers.

I’m going to use Obama’s own numbers for this one.  I am not saying these numbers will become true, just that these are the numbers the President is selling to the public. He claims his spending bill will “create or save” 3.5 million jobs over the next 2 years.  “Create or save” is convenient because as long as there are…

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2008 Massachusetts Election Map

*50%+ was for all towns McCain won, even if he won 49%-48% due to 3rd parties.  Other percentages are raw numbers. I put this together for anyone who is curious.  Most Massachusetts Maps just show a sea of blue.  They aren’t very useful other than to tell us Massachusetts is liberal.  We already know that.  With this map, we can…

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