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Jack Kemp, 1935-2009

Sad to learn today that former GOP Congressman, Cabinet Secretary, and 1996 GOP Vice Presidential nominee has died. From Fox News: Jack Kemp, the ex-quarterback, congressman, one-time vice-presidential nominee and self-described “bleeding-heart conservative” died Saturday. He was 73. His spokeswoman Bona Park and longtime friend and former campaign adviser Edwin J. Feulner confirmed that Kemp died after a lengthy illness.…

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Caroline W. Kennedy

(I don’t make a habit of promoting liberals here, but I thought people may want to discuss this topic. – promoted by DD4RP) Is Caroline Kennedy the Democratic George W. Bush? Both are children of presidents.

Both went off to college at their famous father’s alma mater.

Both held a series of jobs in which their prime qualification was their…

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Democrats being Democrats

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Most economists agree that you can’t raise taxes in a recession. To do so only deepens the recession and cuts off any chance of growth which would allow the economy to rebound. This point was made very clear in the many Presidential debates earlier this year, and even President-Elect Obama has backed off of his…

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That OTHER US Senate Raffle ..

Is it just me or is anyone else starting to get just a tad ticked off as yet another Kennedy spawn is being set up for a life of entirely unearned and unentitled influence on the national policy stage?

Once again this morning I got to watch as the national media ooohed and awwwwwed at the prospect of a Senator…

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