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Please help me understand

(Is the Scott Brown Coalition already dead? Interesting questions and concerns over the unhappy activist base and their relationship with the Baker/Tisei ticket. Where will they go? Do social cons really have anywhere to go this gubernatorial election? What about libertarians? Should they just throw their token support behind the gubernatorial nominee or focus on legislative races? Oh, and what…

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Who’s the “Party of the Rich” Now?

(edited to embed map. – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie) The special election for U.S. Senate last week revealed some intriguing demographic trends in Massachusetts that present a unique opportunity for the state Republican Party. Take a look at this map showing margins of victory by town in last week’s election. Notably, Scott Brown generally performed better in exurban towns…

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The Onion Explains Brown’s Victory

The Onion takes a detailed look at why Massachusetts voters elected Scott Brown.    * Thrill-seeking Massachusetts residents had never seen a Republican in real life, let alone voted for one

   * Brown created 25 local jobs by keeping his pickup truck in tip-top shape

   * 95% of voters recalled a friendly classmate from some point in elementary…

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