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Boston Globe: Ogonowski falls short on signature deadline

(I’m promoting this for two reasons.  1. I’ve heard from reliable sources that Ogonowski has successfully challenged enough signatures to be “near 11,000” certified. 2. I ALSO heard he fell “about 90” short.  Can’t wait until June 3rd! – promoted by Cool Cal) From the Globe: When the deadline for certification passed yesterday, Jim Ogonowski, the Republican leadership’s choice…

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Beatty Accuses Ogonowski of Voter Fraud

(You don’t have to take my word for it. – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Brian Maloney from the Save WRKO blog sums up the Beatty campaign’s latest move very well: Our Sad GOP Also Helps Talk Radio It isn’t just Deval Patrick, the Bay State’s sad Republican Party also provides a lot of fodder for local talk hosts. Here’s a…

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I knew it wasn’t me….

What Does the Senatorial Race in Massachusetts Say About the GOP? Human Events.com

by Katie O’Malley Posted: 05/21/2008 Print This Is the Senatorial race in Massachusetts a microcosm of the bigger struggle within the Republican Party? John Kerry faces a strong conservative challenger in Republican Jeff Beatty. This should be cause for great excitement. It should be a source of…

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