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Live blog of the Mac is Back Victory Party

I’m up here at the Crowne Plaza in Nashua at the Mac is Back Victory Party.  I’ll be updating with pictures and other items as time permits. The place i getting jam packed.  They are directing traffic out front.  I’m seeing some Massachusetts people here, for example the Herald’s own “Lone Republican” is standing about twenty feet in front of…

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Is Ron Paul an anti-semite and racist?

The New Republic has published a stunning article which accuses the Texas Congressman and Republican Presidential candidate of long held anti-Semitic and racist views. While Paul has vehemently denied the charges, they fit into a disturbing pattern of the Paul campaigns embrace of fringe supporters with disturbing views, including 9/11 ‘truthers” and the acceptance of campaign contributions from acknowledged White…

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Live Blogging Dixville Notch!

Mr. Tillotson is opening the ballot box – 17 voters (3 GOP, 2 Democrats, 12 unenrolled).  there HAD been one Democrat, but a recent new arrival increased the Democrat total by 100%. Here are the totals: Clinton – 0

Obama – 7

Edwards – 2

Richardson – 1 Romney – 2

Guiliani – 1

McCain – 4

Huckabee – 0…

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Live Blog McCain Phone Bank

I’m in ManchVegas rocking the phones for Johnny Mac!  Chris Shays has been here for the better part of the day rocking the calls as well. He just gave a speech thanking the overflow crowd of volunteers.   The energy in this room is absoulutely amazing, there are many friends from Massachusetts who are making calls as well.  The room…

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