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Romney on Leno

You ask – What is the big deal? Mitt Romney flew from Reno to Burbank on January 18th in order to appear on Leno.  As Eric “Tough Guy” Fehrnstrom said: “It worked for Huckabee,” said spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom. “The road to the White House goes through Jay Leno.” Normally not a big deal, until you consider that on the eve…

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Big Romney Win in Michigan!

According to the Wall Street Journal, the vote went – Romney – 39%

McCain – 30%

Huckabee – 16%

Paul – 6%

Thompson – 4%

Guiliani and Undecided – Tied at 3%

Hunter – @ 1,100 votes total – less than 1% Not only was Romney’s percentage higher than the McCain win in NH, the number of votes cast in…

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