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BHI Study: NED Natural Gas Pipeline would strongly benefit MA

  BOSTON – (Wednesday, June 24, 2015) Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s (TGP) proposed Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline (NED) would bring both significant short-term and long-term benefits to Massachusetts according to an economic analysis based on two models by the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University. TGP is a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan, Inc., which funded the Institute’s study. The Beacon Hill…

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For potential MassGOP 2012 candidates: how to get green!

So, there are some Republicans out there thinking of running for office in 2012. How can they handle one of the biggest disconnects between the public and Republicans, which is the environment? Every reasonable Republican I know in this state says that at the national level, the party has been missing in action on the environment. Worse, right-wing media attacks…

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Michaud endorsed by Environmental League

Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters Endorses Joe Michaud in 9th Bristol House Race

BOSTON, MA – Joe Michaud, Republican nominee for State Representative of the 9th Bristol district has been endorsed by the Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters.  MLEV cited Joe’s strong commitment to environmental issues that affect both the commonwealth and his district. “With his local leadership and commitment…

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University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Scientists: Climate Change is Natural

Much like how every economist supports Obama’s economic programs, there is global scientific consensus on global warming.  The left tells us there is no scientific dissent on global warming, it’s 100% definitively man mande, right.  Well they’ve got themselves a problem in the church of global warming.  University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee scientists have released a study showing that…

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Governor’s new Green Community Chief goes for the Gold

Deval Patrick’s new head of the Green Communities Division is leaving one communuty with a lot of green in his pocket.  Despite his voluntary departure as Town Manager of Plymouth, Mark Sylvia will be getting a $101,000 golden parachute.  While state and local workers scramble to save their jobs, Deval’s pick is leaving one fatcat job for another fatcat job,…

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