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Treasurer Tim Cahill Faces State Ethics Board Inquiry

State Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill is facing a state ethics inquiry for awarding a $21 million state lottery contract to a company that was secretly paying Cahill’s close friend and fund-raiser, Thomas F. Kelly, tens of thousands of dollars in consulting fees, according to multiple people who have been briefed on the investigation. Investigators from the state Ethics Commission interviewed…

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Local News: At large city council candidate Doug Bennett files ethics complaint against Menino

City Council candidate Doug Bennett does what few incumbents ever dare to do: take on the Mayor. Menino’s use of city-employees for off-hour repairs violates the spirit of the state’s ethics laws. Menino should know enough to keep an arm’s distance from moonlighting city employees. But then again his son is a very good example of a moonlighter. To: The…

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MassGOP Files Ethics Complaint Against Michael Flaherty

The state Republican party filed an ethics complaint against City Councilor Michael Flaherty yesterday over a questionable call the mayoral hopeful made to the Boston Police Department about a group of recruits – including his wife – who failed a physical test. The GOP sent a letter to the State Ethics Commission yesterday alleging that Flaherty’s July 2008 call violated…

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DiMasi Scandals Hushed Up

Suffolk clerk postpones Richard Vitale arraignment

By Hillary Chabot

Monday, January 5, 2009 A clerk delayed the arraignment of House Speaker Sal DiMasi’s former accountant Richard Vitale this morning, and, in a highly unusual move, declined to accept a detailed description of the case. The description has even more information about the ticket-scalping bill Vitale pushed, and could shed additional…

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MassGOP Hits DiMasi Over Indictment

Responding to news that Richard Vitale has been indicted, the Massachusetts Republican Party on Thursday called on House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi to cooperate with the State Ethics Commission. http://www.politickerma.com/je… “The onus is now on Speaker DiMasi to dispel the cloud of corruption that floats above his office,” Torkildsen said in a statement. “His business dealings with his indicted friend Richard…

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The House Stinks

(Ernie, you are always welcome here.  Even if the other guys ban you. – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Right now Sal DiMasi’s lawyers are in Suffolk Superior Court asking a court to let him keep his records out of the reach of the Sate Ethics Commission. Cognos related. Will the Ethics Commission want Bobby DeLeo’s schedule too? He met with…

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