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Joan Vennochi is right!! (cross posted at the “popular kid’s blog”)

Joan Vennochi’s op-ed in today’s Globe is an accurate assessment of the Aloisi/Patrick/Walsh disaster that Governor Patrick has created for himself. Ms. Vennochi is not Jeff Jacoby from a philosophical point of view. She is, in fact, left of center from my perspective. See aptly has made the point that the Governor’s political insticts are non existent and the left…

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Boston Globe May Fold!

Many Major Newspapers have already started going under.  Recently, when I heard The Rocky Mountain News closed I realized how bad the situation had become.  Denver is one of the fastest growing areas of the country and even this could not keep them afloat.  According to one source, The Boston Globe may be next.  In fairness, this story was reported…

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Boston Globe wants to turn Jack Bauer into a wussy little girly man

www.boston.com/bostonglobe/editorial_opinion/editorials/articles/2009/03/09/carbon_free_waterboarding/ If the above link doesn’t expose the liberal bias of the Globe on so many levels, I don’t know what does. Not content to have the actual President espousing the liberal BS on torture, now they want to control the content of a fictional TV show, which is following their lead on climate change (probably in a lame attempt…

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