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Dissecting Doug Rubin’s Talking Points on the Boston Globe Poll

(Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has an approval rating of 48% approve to 48% disapprove according to Rasmussen.  That’s one less governor for Doug Rubin to show has lower approval ratings than Governor Patrick – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Update: Prevailing wage rate for flaggers is $36.35 for flaggers and will go up to $38.35 according to the Boston Herald.  I’ve…

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Can I run for President now?

It is official.  I am now considered a “community activist.”  Given that Barak Obama was a “community activist” and such qualifications are reported to be ideal for presidential runs, I guess I should start getting ready for 2012. I have one problem.  I'm a successful conservative community activist.  I have no associations with ACORN or unrepented terrorists to make the liberal…

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Look At Me, I’m Bob DeLeo

( – promoted by Garrett) In today’s Op-Ed piece in the Globe, Bob DeLeo comes off as intellectually dishonest and defensive. He makes the following opening statement: IN THE few months I have been speaker, the Massachusetts House has done what many thought it was incapable of doing: Amid a global economic downturn and statewide fiscal crisis, the House has…

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