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Broadside Appearance to Talk About Tim Murray:”McLaughlin Didn’t Appoint Housing Authority Members”

I was on Broadside with Jim Braude last night for two segments.  The first was talking about the presidential primary.  The second followed Sean Murphy of the Boston Globe’s explanation of his investigation.  I made one point that is being lost by those that say Tim Murray did nothing wrong, that this is all McLaughlin’s fault.  The point is, Mike…

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The Globe *Hearts* Elizabeth Warren

It's love.  Not a crush, not a flirtation – L-O-V-E love.  The Boston Globe is head over heels for Elizabeth Warren.  That in itself is no real surprise.  A Harvard professor?  A veteran of the Obama Administration?  A self-styled anti Wall Street crusader?  And she wants to run statewide, against the guy who shook the Globe's collective worldview to its…

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Bielat’s Defense

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) This was in my inbox this morning and I have copied it in its entirety. This really looks like a Boston Globe hatchet job on one of the brighter prospects in the Republican bench. A Personal Message from Sean Bielat Regarding Recent Boston Globe Accusations It’s Valentine’s Day and the Boston Globe…

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