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A lazy, simplistic editorial

The lead editorial in the Boston Sunday Globe (Nov. 4) condemning the “intellectually lazy analogy of Islamism to fascism” was difficult to take seriously after reading this whopper of a paragraph – “Al Qaeda and company cannot be compared with the fascist powers ruled by Hitler, Mussolini and Franco – neither for their ideas nor for their military power. The…

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Next thing you know we’ll be sending convicted felons to prison

(A sad situation – remember them in your prayers. – promoted by Peter Porcupine) From a story in today’s Boston Globe about Angela Vasquez, the Roslindale woman suspected of murdering her two children over the weekend. “Friends and relatives have said that Vasquez, 31, seemed depressed, even lost, in the days before Sunday, when her children – Yasmine Burgos, 13,…

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McGrory wasn’t that Far off. The Coronation is Over, the Reign has begun

It looks like Brian McGrory wasn’t too far off in his December 8, 2006 column, “The Coronation of Deval”.  Remember, this is when now Governor Patrick was planning his multi-day ignauguralpaloza. Fitting in the article is this gem. Deval L . Patrick has planned a five-day extravaganza for early January costing anywhere from $1 million to $1.6 million, a…

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