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Angry at Beacon Hill? Vote Republican

By Joan Vennochi

Globe Columnist / October 12, 2008 MASSACHUSETTS voters could send a message to liberal Democrats on Beacon Hill by voting to rescind the state income tax. Or they could just stop sending liberal Democrats to Beacon Hill. “If you really want to send a message . . . send more Republicans,” said state Representative George Peterson, a…

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Casey Ross to the Globe

According to Boston Daily Boston Magazine’s blog.  Casey Ross is leaving the Boston Herald and going to the Boston Globe. Early this morning, a Boston Daily tipster informed us that the Globe had poached powerful journo Casey Ross from the Herald. Soon after, the report surfaced on Adam Reilly’s blog. We called Herald editor Kevin Convey to get confirmation and…

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Sen Jim Marzilli fools BMG, Globe, Deval and Dems.

Let’s for one moment get past the “innocent until proven guilty” stuff and assume that Sen. Jim Marzilli is guilty of all the outrageous things he has been accused of over the last few months.  Numerous accusations of sexual assault, resisting arrest, lewd and lascivious acts, giving false names to the police, and any number of other acts of misconduct.…

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Chicken Little Award

From an op-ed by Stephen McCauley in today’s Boston Globe under the headline, “By Huckabee’s example, arguments for isolation” – “In his acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize last week, Gore made it clear that doom is closer than even the most pessimistic observers thought a few years ago.” In other words, we should all be dead by now, and…

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Boston Globe Endorses McCain & Obama

( – promoted by Patrick) It’s unusual for the Boston Globe to come out with its political endorsements this early in the presidential primary. But today’s Sunday Globe (12-16-07) contains the paper’s official blessing for Barack Obama as the nominee for the Democrat Party & John McCain as the nominee for the Republican Party. Read the McCain endorsement: http://www.boston.com/news/nat… Read…

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