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To rebuild the movement, avoid conservative talk radio

The first step to rebuilding will require new sources of information. Conservative talk radio in Boston cannot be allowed to set the agenda or strategy for political candidates. It cannot be an unchallenged filter for political information. Howie Carr needs to retool his act. It’s clear from the data that the “fake Indian” meme hurt Scott Brown. The Senator should…

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Races Around the State: Out West

RMG News this week will be touring the state’s electoral landscape, from the very top of the ticket to the very local, giving you a one stop shop for all your election needs. From Lenox to Dorchester, from Salisbury to Provincetown, we’re going to have you covered race by race in the march to November. Today, we will be starting…

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Boston Ward 22 GOP Committee Launched!!

By John McKenna, RMG News As of Wednesday night, the Republicans and conservatives of Brighton now have their own ward committee up and running, just in time for the fall elections. Anybody interested should “like” the Ward 22 Committee facebook page for the latest events and news for all Brighton residents and general conservative enthusaists.…

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Sample/Specimen Ballot posed outside polling places for voters

a) The Sample/Specimen Ballot posted outside the polling place for voters.

Why is the Elections Division http://mass.gov/sec of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts so difficult to get the Sample/Specimen ballot poster from by email before voting?… in case local elections commissions haven’t made the Sample/Specimen Ballot poster available by email or online, on the web. b) Printer of…

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