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Census: Obama Ready to Cook the Books


“From the first days of the transition the census has been a priority for the president, and a process he wanted to reevaluate.” – White House Spokesman
Main Entry: cen·sus

Pronunciation: ˈsen(t)-s?s\

Function: noun

Etymology: Latin, from cens?re

Date: 1634 1: a count of the population and a property evaluation in early Rome

2: a usually complete enumeration…

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Three Ballot Initiative Amendments for 2010

(Keith’s obsession with anagrams aside, all three have merit. – promoted by Cool Cal) Based on feedback from my previous thread on 2010 referenda, I’ve drawn up draft ballot amendments: Citizen-Lead Ethics Amendment Neutralizing Uncompetitive Polities (CLEAN-UP): Independent Redistricting Commission. Citizen-Lead Ethics Amendment Neutralizing Entrenched Machines (CLEAN-EM): Rolling Term Limits. Citizen-Lead Ethics Amendment Neutralizing Obscure and Unintelligible Turpitude (CLEAN-OUT): Public…

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Gerrymandering, the invisible hand punching us.

I kind of feel weird for not talking about this before, but in 1992 and 2002, the Democrats have gerrymandered worse than ever before. More importantly, they have straightened the R districts that we ALREADY have but ALWAYS weakened every other seat out there. Maybe, just maybe, part of our failure is by Democrat Design, and not of our own…

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