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Tisei-Tierney-Fishman Debate Coverage:

Did anyone attend the big MassInc. debate in Lynn yesterday? Is today’s coverage a fair representation of what was said? The Globe lead with Tierney’s tired “assault”. LYNN – Republican challenger Richard R. Tisei said he could work with Democrats, but Democratic US Representative John F. Tierney scoffed at that assertion, in a 6th Congressional District debate today. “I have…

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Boston Ward 22 GOP Committee Launched!!

By John McKenna, RMG News As of Wednesday night, the Republicans and conservatives of Brighton now have their own ward committee up and running, just in time for the fall elections. Anybody interested should “like” the Ward 22 Committee facebook page for the latest events and news for all Brighton residents and general conservative enthusaists.…

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The State of the Massachusetts GOP – May 6th, 2012

The Republican Party of Massachusetts has an enrollment of about 11%, about half of the enrollment of the Democrat Party in this state.  The remaining majority  is un-enrolled and like their independence.  They may tend to vote a certain way, but these voters are expressing dissatisfaction with the established parties.  They are revolting and are demanding that the party system…

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