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Libertarian Republican Eric Dondero is excited by a quote from Senator Hedlund

The tendentious Eric Dondero, self-proclaimed Libertarian Republican, is intrigued that state Senator Robert Hedlund is “the go-to guy” for a quote in the Boston Herald. The Hedlund quote: “They are freaked out,” state Sen. Robert Hedlund (R-Weymouth) said after U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry, Victoria Kennedy and the party’s Senate campaign committee all rushed to back Markey, a consummate Washington…

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Senator Brown pulls out of tomorrow night’s debate with Professor Warren! Is this is a good move?

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) According to WRKO, Senator Scott Brown is pulling out of tomorrow night’s media consortium debate at WGBH inferring that a disaster is not the time to put politics front and center. Is he right? Or does this seem like he’s chickening out? Background on debate here: http://www.boston.com/politica… Update: More at the Boston

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UPDATED Again!! An Apology — Shame Shame Shame Stupid Stupid Stupid Brown staffers

Updated with — finally– an apology sort of, but a good move I think  8:43 p.m. | Updated   BOSTON — Senator Scott P. Brown’s campaign issued a statement Wednesday evening saying he “regrets” what he called “unacceptable” behavior by some staff members who participated in the tomahawk chops and Indian war whoops at a campaign rally.  He also issued…

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Need to start making case against Liar Warren

The Case Against Professor Warren Elizabeth Warren is unquestionably a liar.  She told the public that she never used her false “Indian” status to get ahead, but then admitted she told Harvard she was a minority.  When asked by the media, she refuses to say whether she considers herself a minority and refuses to let Harvard and UPenn release her…

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Race for Senate President Murray’s Seat Gets National Attention

John McKenna

RMG News It’s not every day a Massachusetts election race is talked about nationally. It’s even rarer that a purely local race makes national headlines. However, over the last two years, starting with Senator Brown’s surprise victory in the 2010 special election for the US Senate, Massachusetts has become a place of national intrigue, and it is continuing…

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It’s Official: Warren chose the lower tax rate

Elizabeth Warren elected not to pay the optional higher tax rate, POLITICO is reporting. Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown’s campaign accused Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren of “hypocrisy” after she admitted to not paying higher taxes than the state requires. “I paid my taxes and I did not make a charitable contribution to the state,” Warren said at a news conference on…

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Warren’s Latest Media Buy

(WArren’s on TV, at least cable. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) For the junkies, some buys her campaign submitted today: Week of 4/23 – 4/29: WESTERN MA: WGGB: $7,150

EGGB: $1,950

WSHM: $3,100

WWLP: $17,000

Cable: $8,791 SOUTH COAST: WLNE: $3,015

WJAR: $24,000

WPRI: $35,975

WNAC: $9,090

Cable: $12,408 BOSTON: Cable: 47,950 Week of 4/30 – 5/6: WESTERN…

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