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Matt Kinnaman’s Latest: “The Takings Coalition”

http://massroots.blogspot.com/… The ‘takings coalition’

By Matt Kinnaman


Thursday, July 3 Contemporary American liberalism, despite its patina of peace, love, and joy, embodies the politics of envy. It stakes a claim to the property of others. It builds bureaucracies, devises redistributionist schemes, and reinforces hierarchies to enforce egalitarian outcomes. Grover Norquist, author and small government pioneer, points to liberalism’s love…

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Getting It Right: Matt Kinnaman on School Choice

State Committeeman Matt Kinnaman’s latest column is up at www.MassRootsGOP.com – the official blog of the Massachusetts Republican Party.  While I’m presenting this in its entirety, I urge everyone to check out MassRootsGOP.com every day for the latest updates! Getting It Right: Matt Kinnaman on School Choice Genuine school choice: Imagine that By Matt Kinnaman Gov. Deval Patrick calls his…

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