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Make The Herald Great Again

Dan Kennedy has a few suggestions for making The Herald great again. Some are odd, like ditching the website, but this one is good. 3. Turn right. Despite the Herald’s reputation as a bastion of right-wing Trumpery, the paper’s editorial pages have long been rather staid and moderate. The right-wing reputation comes from a few of its news columnists, especially…

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Michael Graham on Convergence of New and Old Media from New Media Summit

Sorry for the delay, but I’ve finally got around to putting together video from the New Media Summit hosted by the Massachusetts Federation of Young Republicans and RebuildTheParty.com.  The first video is a very entertaining Michael Graham, talking about old and new media.  It’s well worth the hour it takes to watch. Grab some popcorn and enjoy.  Heck it’s too…

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The Internet is TV. Twitter is the Internet.

(Twitter is the future of organizing. Follow RMG on Twitter at www.twitter.com/redmassgroup – promoted by garrett3000) Just found this over at Mindy Finn & Patrick Ruffini’s blog, The Playbook: Theory: The broader Internet is now like TV, and Twitter is the new Internet – the medium for scrappy political underdog Read the rest here. I think it dovetails rather…

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