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Mihos 41% Patrick 40%

align=left hspace=10 vspace=10/http://www.myfoxboston.com/dpp… Vote for Governor

Mihos 41%

Patrick 40%

Some other candidate 10%

Not sure 9% Vote for Governor

Baker 36%

Patrick 41%

Some other candidate 12%

Not sure 11% Governor Approval

Strongly approve 11%

Somewhat approve 31%

Somewhat disapprove 25%

Strongly disapprove 32%

Not sure 1% The poll also shows strong majority support for the legislature cutting…

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Poll: Voters Now Trust Republicans Over Democrats

Voters now trust Republicans over Democrats in six of ten key issues according to a new Rasmussen Poll out yesterday. The latest poll shows that 45% trust Republicans on the economy over 39% who trust the Democrats. According to the poll this is the first time Republicans have led on this issues in two years. It also shows that voters…

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